Don’t buy too much Salmon at once!

As you may all have guessed, since I am living in Melbourne by myself (not actually ALONE like that, but you know what I mean, no parents, no maids, no drivers and etc), I have to take care of my everyday needs which include doing my laundries and cooking.

Two weeks ago, I spent $200 to do a juice cleanse (without telling my ma. HAHA), because I felt so dirty inside as the consequences of my excessive consumption of junk food the week before. Sooooo, after not eating for 3 days (I survived purely by imagining and making a list of my favorite dishes that I would eat after the fast), I shed 3kg off my body and I felt really great inside and out.

tumblr_m8ytgiiWpz1rby3r6o1_250But, nothing lasts forever. I gained back all the numbers I threw within like a week. And I CANNOT HAVE THAT.

Anyway, I was determined to cut off my binge eating habit by increasing my protein intake and reducing the carbs. I went to the grocery store, bought the food I thought I’d need for a week, and I went home with this strong will not to buy any more takeaway foods that I love so much.

So, I bought 0.5kg of Salmon and 0.5kg of King Prawn. Just for me.


When the shop keeper asked me about the weight of the fish I wanted, I was not expecting 0.5kg to be that huge. Anyway, so I went home and spent the whole week trying to eat off the prawns first and I loved it. However, I got tempted to buy outside foods along the week and so, I managed to finish the whole prawn in 4 days, before I got really busy with another project of mine. I got too lazy to cook again and therefore I bought takeaway foods instead.

And guess what.


I forgot about the salmon.


It has been more than a week since I bought the fish and if I don’t start cooking it now, it will definitely go bad. I have no idea on what to make out of the fish other than eating it with pasta. But the thing is, pasta is too full of carbs.

So I tried experimenting with the seasonings I have at home and just decided to make a salmon fried rice.

Yup, I’m finally overlooking my intention to keep my carbs intake low. Now, I have to eat up the fruit of my miscalculation for the next few days.


I guess what I can learn from this whole situation is to take things slowly. I know that my intention is good (to save money and to lose weight). But, I did not think about how my body will adjust with all the sudden changes, especially knowing my lack of self-control around food.

Now that I think about it, I realized that I have encountered similar problem with almost all of my ambitious-target-achieving-attempts. In Bible reading, in exercising, in studying, and so many more. Soo, maybe it is time for me to know myself better and to learn to be more determined when I set my mind into something. I also need to learn to take each steps slowly instead of running immediately after sleeping (if that even make sense). HEHEHE.

Shooo, I think that’s all for today.

Thanks for reading this post. I promise that I will write the other posts better next time (or not).



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