Hello, you!

To those who might not know, I am a huge fan of moving pictures. You name it. Cartoon, TV Series, Movies, YouTube, I don’t know, anything. And I spend probably 3-5 hours watching ‘anything’ everyday. Well, just to make things concise, I watched the latest episode of Once Upon A Time today (yep, a big fan of that series too) and the episode was talking mostly about this character named Merida from Brave. This movie was released a couple years ago and by the time I watched this episode, I have forgotten the details of the movie and I just decided to re-watch the whole thing.

So, what I just realize from this movie was how stupid people could be when they’re mad. Like seriously. Everyone should be banned from making decisions (and wishes for Merida’s case) when their minds were clouded with anger.

To be fair, I had been in the same situation before and I know that it was hard not to ‘respond’ to the situation right away because at that moment, I just wanted to show my opponent that I was not weak and I could handle anything including having a battle with him/her.

However, I don’t know if you can relate what I’m saying, but most of the time after I calmed down, I’d regret what I said, feel guilty about it and finally fall into this hole called ‘shame’ for being able to do or say such things.

Therefore, I just want to say that it is okay to be mad. But don’t use that as an excuse to hurt others.

For me, it is always helpful to just inhale deeply and be quiet for a while whenever I know that I’m about to explode. Then, I’d walk away and do things that are relaxing to me. Maybe just by walking alone, thinking about it, drinking water and even by taking shower. After that, when my mind is clearer, I’d finally find that person and try to solve things nicely.

I’ve been there too many times, and I know. I wanted to sound smart that I said something stupid instead, and I wanted to seem strong that I do something hurtful instead.

So, never ever decide or do things when you’re mad. Never.

Be brave enough to admit your mistakes, try not to hold grudge. Forgive easily and remember that you should not go to bed before you resolve your problems.



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