Lookin’ good today?

Hi, you!

Its been almost 2 weeks since my last post, and I am so sorry for that. My days had been really hectic because of the exams and me preparing to go home (to Indo). But they’re all in the past already and right now I am in my hometown. Yippie!

Anyway, I have been thinking a lot about this question in my head recently. The question is:

Why do we have to dress up nicely?

HAHAH. You may think that it is so trivial, unimportant and stuff. But to be honest, sometimes I wonder why some people take their appearances seriously while the others don’t.

Finally, after attempting to formulate the answer for several times, I came up with the reasons on why showing up nicely is important FOR ME.

As I grow up, my parents always make a huge deal about the way their children look. They believe that one’s appearance could affect the way others value us and so we need to make sure that we get what we deserve, and that could be easily achieved by taking care of what we wear.

At first, I was quite unsure about this explanation. But then I realize something. One day, I was having some trouble doing my work at school. It was a model manipulation thing and I was not that advanced in the software at the time. Therefore, I wanted to ask someone in the room to help me and without hesitation, I came to the person who looked neat and serious. And now I find that interesting because I did not realize at that moment that my head had created some stereotypes about the people inside the studio.

Why wouldn’t I come to that other guy who looked messy and untrimmed for help? I don’t know. But I think that kind of situation was what my parents were trying to get me to think about. We would not want to miss any opportunities coming our way just because of the impression we give off right?

Plus, people would appreciate the effort we make for showing up nicely. For instance, if you look well-groomed and neat, people would know that you take care of your body, and that you are responsible enough to work hard to stay fit and appear clean.


Lastly, what I think I enjoy the most from appearing pretty in public is the confidence I exude and the look from others which makes me feel good. I’m not saying that I’m fishing for compliments or anything, but truthfully, when others do compliment, I can’t help but to feel proud and accomplished. And those are great feelings.

I don’t know how others would answer my question, but these answers were the ones I found sensible so far. Don’t get me wrong, I also agree that we should be valued not only from the way we look, but more on the way we think and act. But I still believe that there’s nothing wrong in trying to respect ourselves a little more by dressing up appropriately.

Those answers may also be the reasons why I don’t really like guys with beards, long hair who always wear ‘whatever’ clothes all the time, as if trying to tell the world that they live in their own world :/.

Regardless of my ramblings, please don’t think of this post as an invitation to be narcissistic. It’s just me sharing my thoughts about my own question. LOL



One thought on “Lookin’ good today?

  1. We all have preconceived notions of what a successful person would look like. We also have some stereotypes ingrained in us from a young age which are rarely challenged. We fall victim to these perceptions without awareness. I read somewhere that if you’re going to an interview 50% of your interview is completed based on what you’re wearing. So if you’re not dressed appropriately, you’re not likely to get the position. Interesting topic! Definitely makes you think.

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