Things I Learned From My Addiction

Yellow guys,
I think I have talked abofangirl_mode_tumblr3ut my obsession to moving pictures on one of my previous posts. HAHA. Soo, last night I just watched one of the latest Korean dramas entitled “Oh My Venus”.

I LOVE SO JI SUB. There I said it.

However, it is still impossible for me to decide whether I will include this series in my A-List or not because it is still on going at the moment and I just watched the eighth episode yesterday.

Anyway, I just want to tell you that it is amazing how watching TV series (especially Asian dramas) could drastically change my mood. Maybe because the stories are mostly based on Asian culture, hence I can relate and enjoy them a lot more than that of western series (although I also love watching them).

Whenever I watch these dramas, some people around me would say things about me being brainwashed to have unrealistic expectations about people and life or something like that.



..I always tell them to back off.

I mean, seriously, life is complicated. Why would you waste your free time watching an even more difficult life of others? For me, I’d rather spend my time looking at handsome guy with perfect manner pursuing poor girl whose mother is dying (such a notorious stereotype I know) because at least I know for sure that the writer had planned a happy ending for them.

Therefore, I think it is time that I explain why I think Dramas are cool. Below is the list of some of the life lessons I get from watching them so far. And believe me, I have watched SO MANY dramas.

  1. Good things always come to good people
    • Cliche. But it’s true! Most dramas emphasize this point throughout the stories. The poor girl was bullied at first, but at the end, she became rich and handsome guys liked her because of her perseverance and personality. So, be good. Don’t change just to get acceptance from others. 
  2. Never settle for a guy that does not make you happy
    • I knoow, guys in dramas are too perfect to be true. But this only taught me to be more selective and careful in choosing my partner. I learned to decide what traits are the most important for me to find in a guy (e.g. hardworking, smart, assertive, etc), which are not ‘compulsory’ but would be preferable (e.g. tall, fluent in 5 languages, plays guitar, etc), and which are not.
  3. Revenge ruins your life
    • LOL. In every story, there must be at least one bad guy who always tries to destroy the main character. But you know what, I learned that there is no need to fight for your revenge. Just do good and live good, and just have faith that they will reap what they sow.
  4. Hatred can turn to love
    • This one I learned from several titles whose characters hated each other at first and finally made up and grew to love one another as the story went on. This tells me that forgiveness is a real thing and hatred will only eat you up. So, don’t do stupid things out of anger.
  5. There are hundreds of ways to express your love
    • For this point, I just want to tell you that from these dramas I learned simple gestures, words and actions that shout out LOVE if done sincerely. Maybe just by putting your girlfriend’s hand on your pocket when it is cold, by hugging her, or even by tying her shoelaces, etc. HAHA. SOO MUSHY. But it’s true!

See? Not all of them are ‘unrealistic’. It is just a matter of perspective. You can watch dramas and still be realistic at the same time as long as you keep your thoughts in line. Do not judge others just because they can dream bigger than you. 😛

Well, I think that’s all for this post.

Cheers! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Things I Learned From My Addiction

  1. Great post! I so agree, I know sometimes we brush off dramas to be unrealistic and even ridiculous, but there are some life lessons to learn from them. I’m also really enjoying Oh My Venus! as well. Have you seen So Ji Sub in Always? That movie made me cry buckets. And of course I adore his role in The Master’s Sun. 😀

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  2. I agree, so many good things about kdramas! I prefer kdramas over others because of the multi-dimensional and relatable characters that have the ability to touch me on an emotional level. I pretty much never cry or feel inspired by American or western TV, but practically every kdrama does both of those things for me! They truly are wonderful 🙂

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  3. Hey, loved the blog post! I agree with all your points, tbh. Oh and I’m also watching ‘Oh My Venus’ and I have to agree with loving Ji Sub! His simply perfect.

    I’m a new blogger, and would appreciate you to check my work!
    Mecca, tnkdevotee

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