2016 :)

Hi, you!

It’s 10 days before Christmas and 17 days before 2016.

OMG. It’s too fast. Next year I’m gonna be 20. I will not be a teenager anymore. AAA


Nonetheless, aside from all the anxieties and worries, I am quite excited to embark on the new year. The idea of ‘restarting’ my life every year is just amazing. I feel like I have no limit and that every mistakes I made on the previous year won’t really matter because it’s time for the next episode of my life.

After deliberating on whether or not I should share my resolutions for next year, I decided to just post 3 of them. I’m not so sure why I post this, but I guess I was hoping that by sharing my determinations to the world, I won’t feel so alone.

So, here is my 3 resolutions:

  1. To take care of my body
    • I have never had weight problem before I went for college. Partly because my mother would definitely scold me whenever she thinks I’m too fat (yep. She cares a lot). However, in Melbourne, people around me don’t really care about physical appearances. I felt liberated and I started to eat ‘whatever’ foods that within a year, I gained 6-8kg. It’s crazy. Now that I’m back to Indo, I realize how unhealthy I have become. I hate the way I feel about my body, how insecure and sensitive I became because of the changes I’ve been through.giphy
    • Hence, I am now determined to change my lifestyle. Not to get thinner, but to be healthier. When you have a great body, you’d feel confident and believe me, that confidence would bring you to places. 
  2. To worry less of what other people think of me
    • This one is one of my main weaknesses. Like seriously. I have this tendency of wanting to make EVERYONE happy. I’m worried of what people would think of my actions and choices that I rarely do what I really wanted to do most of the time.tumblr_lkzkutxqyx1qehnt6
    • Now that I have seen a whole lot of variety of people, I realize that in life, it is important to be happy. To do more of what makes you happy no matter what other people say. Try weird things, pursue your dreams, take risks, and never doubt yourself.
  3. To socialize more
    • Because I am quite talkative, it’s never been hard for me to get acquainted with new friends. However, now that I’m studying abroad, it is very challenging for me to find close friends here. Moreover, my workload is insane that most of the time I cannot help but to stay at home and do my homework instead of hanging out with actual human beings. whenitrytosocialize_ae9269_4992484
    • Sometimes I console myself by saying that it is okay to be alone at times because then I’d be able to hear my own thoughts clearly. However, I am not an introvert. I need to be around people in order to get stimulated. Therefore, I hope next year I’d be wiser in managing my time and priorities so that I can balance out my school and social lives.

Well, these points are the things that I’d really want to achieve in 2016. I don’t know how it’d turn out, but I will try my best to make it happen.

Not to forget, I want to let you guys know that this would probably be my last post this year since I am going away next week and I don’t think I’d be able to write anything by then.

Thank you for reading my posts, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Cheers! ❤


13 thoughts on “2016 :)

  1. These are such awesome goals! I used to be much more fit when I was in high school, and I kind of miss that. When I started college I let that go because of the strange sleeping times and coursework. But I’m going to try to become healthier in 2016 as well! 🙂 And I’m hoping to interact more within the blogosphere. Anyway, have a great holiday and New Year! 😀

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    • Thank you! Yeah!! It’s just amazing how easy we could lost control over things once we’re away from home. Hehe. I hope we all could be better next year. Good luck on your goals too! Have a great year ahead 🙂

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