Should I or Should I Not

2 weeks from now, I’ll be going back to Melbourne for my summer school.


And oh the reluctance.



Don’t get me wrong, I love living in Melbourne. But after spending 3 months in my hometown, I regained the feeling of comfort that I used to have. Here, I don’t need to take care of my own laundries, my food, and even transportation. In Melbourne, I literally have to live on my own, far from my high school friends whom I love so much and back with my relatively new family there. I love them too, but there are things and situations that I cannot comfortably share with them just because I know they don’t regard those things as important. Invisible boundaries are real.

Life goes on. Let’s move along.

Anyway, as the flight date is approaching, my survival instinct started to kick off more frequently. If I cannot bring my friends and family to Melbourne, then I need to find things to make me enjoy living abroad even more. So, I listed all the things I need to buy and bring back to Melbourne and arranged the time to buy them. I keep on telling myself to list down the ones I really NEED, and not the ones I WANT.

But you know, shopping is actually very tricky.


On one hand, I don’t want to fill my apartment with useless junks as it would be too hard for me to carry them back home once I’m finished with my studies. However on the other hand, I want to enjoy my life there and not just study all the time.

Hence, I ended up planning to buy things I want along with the things I need. I kept on telling myself that this is good, because now that I have spent so much money on things to bring back, I could restrain myself from shopping too much in Melbourne later.


To be honest, I know exactly how that plan will end.



I guess I will just need to do what makes me comfortable and figure out the rest later.

Sorry for this short and insignificant post, I promise to write a more enjoyable piece next time (hopefully). 🙂

Have a great week!



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