Talking is Sharing

Recently, I realized how I cannot contain any thoughts in my head for too long. Like seriously. Whenever a thought come to my mind, I’d ask someone who’s next to me at that moment to listen to these random ideas I recently thought of. I believe that this characteristic of mine was shaped by my parents since I was little just because they found amusement from listening to my stories.


Therefore, for me, talking has always been one of my most noticeable traits. I find comfort while talking. Even from chatting about the most unimportant topics, I could learn so much about how I think, how others think of my thoughts and why they think in that particular way.

I have seen some people I know get totally stressed, and when I ask why, they told me that they don’t know what to do with their problems and stuff seems to fall apart around them. When I listened to that, I was like “Why wouldn’t you tell your story and share the discussion your mind is currently having to your closest friends?”. I mean that’s what they’re here for. To listen to you and give their opinions.

spongebobIf you keep on shielding your thoughts with the fear of being judged or misunderstood, you’ll dwell on your pit of worry for too long. People will still judge you no matter how righteous you are trying to be. So, why don’t you just make the most out of it?


Puzzles can be solved faster if you let others help you. But how can they help you if you won’t let them know what the problem is?

I’m not telling you to be all open and talk to random people about your trivial problems as we still need to be able to filter which story to tell and not. I’m just saying that it is okay to be vulnerable to judgement every once in a while and to share your burden to those who care for you. Not only will it make you feel loved, they will also feel needed by you which is a path to a better reciprocal relationship every one should have.

Thank you for reading this! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Talking is Sharing

  1. Hi there! I just want to say that I can relate to this sooo much. I just found out that one of my closest friends brother was in a car accident and she refuses to talk about it, I would be sharing with everyone because talking helps me feel better, I don’t want to changer her I just want her to know that if she did talk about it rather bottle it up, she would feel better !!

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    • Hi! Oh no, I hope your friend is okay. But yes, that’s exactly what friedns are supposed to be fore, to remind them that they’re not alone no matter what. Thank you so much for commenting! 🙂


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