Hacking The Writer

Hey guys! Happy post-valentine’s day!

I love Valentine’s day. A day when people actually pour salt into my wounds. A day when single people like me get reminded of how lonely we have been. HAHA.

tumblr_n0z7cdam6b1rrs6xto1_500Well, I’m not actually that desperate to find love or anything. It’s just that this year’s valentine is my 19th Single-Awareness-Day (If you didn’t know, this is a title of a song by Joseph Vincent, and it has been the soundtrack of my valentine’s day since the day I discovered it). 5 years ago, I have promised myself not to celebrate my 20th Valentine’s day alone. Now I doubt that I can realize that before I turn 21. 😀
However, the thing with starting a relationship is that we need to get to know each other from the beginning. From Zero. Therefore, as this blog is my only place to rattle, I’d like to save some energy and time by putting out here the 10 things
people need to know about me before even considering to ask me out (well, hypothetically speaking).

The reason why I write them here is because I think it’d be too hard for me to explain them as I would not feel very comfortable saying my expectations out loud to some stranger. Therefore, this blog shall be my pensieve (and access to my heart) #ew.

  1. First, you need to know that I am quirky AF. Not every body could understand my jokes and interests. I will not ask you to have the exact same interests as mine, but please do respect them. 🙂
  2. Secondly, I regard quality time as the most important thing in relationships. I don’t mind you having many friends or being active in communities or anything, but when you are with me, I expect you to BE with me.
  3. I enjoy walking while talking, and I absolutely adore people who could hold my attention and interests for quite a while. Hence, the perfect date for me is to walk in the park talking until we’re both hungry 🙂
  4. I have some trust issues. Especially because I had always been the only person sincere in any relationships I had. Ain’t gonna have that anymore. So, please be prepared.
  5. I remember details. I just realized this myself when I was in high school. What ever little things you say to me, my brain would immediately catch and store them somewhere deep within that eventually I know everything about you even without you realizing ever telling me those information.
  6. I take a good care of my image and appearance. I am not that pretty or anything, I know, and I will never demand you to dress up every time we go out, but please do wear something appropriate because that’s one way to make me feel appreciated.
  7. My family members and close friends are totally nosy. Especially since I have never been in any serious relationship before. So, if you happen to be the one person I introduce to them, please just keep that in mind. HAHAHA.
  8. I don’t really like too much physical contact. I feel awkward, and I can actually say that this might be because my family does not really express their love through skin-ship. However, I do love great big hugs (especially the crane hugs).
  9. I do not start a relationship for it to end. So, if you are on with me, I will do my best to make it work and I hope you feel the need to do so too. 🙂
  10. Finally, one thing I can assure you despite all these precautions I write is that you will have a best friend. 

Please do pardon this weird post. Just think of it as a way for a lonely soul to fill the gap in her heart in this valentine’s day. Happy V’s day to you! ❤


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