Listen and Learn

Hey guys!

For this year’s easter, I am doing a ‘social media’ fasting.

If you are not familiar with the tradition, it is basically the period before easter where you actually restrain yourselves from doing or eating what you love most and try to focus more on being closer to God. For me, I think social media had become this irresistable element in my life without which I become so insecure. I opened them whenever I could just to stay updated with the world, without noticing that they actually robbed me from the awareness of my immediate surroundings.

Frankly, the first few days were really hard for me. However, it got easier by days and now I have no other choice than to be ‘present’ at all times. Which is good, but because I am unused to this situation, it is hard to manage. I got bored easily and therefore I needed to find topics to talk about with the people around me all the time.

Anyway, in this post, I just want to share this video I watched a couple days ago about how to have better conversations. I found this video when I was rewatching some of the ted talks featured on my summer class, and I thought ‘wow, this might be helpful for me especially during this lent period’. And you know what? I did not regret opening this link. Headlee actually gives 10 usefull tips to have better conversations in our everyday lives.

I noticed that most of the time, I was too busy meddling with my instagram that I actually became this ‘efficient woman’ who refused to listen to others just because I thought that I knew everything already.


If I were to see this in a different perspective, I realised that even I would be annoyed when someone treated me that way. Hence, there’s no reason for me to put others in that horrible situation. Furthermore, by¬†listening to others, I can actually learn things and be exposed to different point of views.

Life is beautiful, we just need to be aware of it. Every story has its own lessons, we just need to listen.

Do click on that link and watch the video if you like!



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