Just now, my friend and I went to a life drawing class in the city.

Not just ANY drawing class, it’s a human anatomy life drawing class. So, basically we were drawing the body of a nude woman for about two hours. If you are from asian countries, this type of activity mught be a little bit weird. At first, I thought so to!

But then, when I actually came down and drew the woman, I realised that human body is beautiful. 

The model did not have a Victoria’s Secret Angel body, and she was not even thin (which apparently is the current standard for Asian beauty). She had a curvy body, voluptuous hips and relatively large belly. To be honest, I am the type of person who is too used to judging the body shape of other women, that I could pass judgements so casually without even realising it. However, it did not happen today. I honestly thought that the body of the woman I drew was just beautiful, regardless of all the curves and apparent fats.

Maybe that’s because it was my first experience ever, looking at other person’s naked body in real life. I have only seen my own body and I always judge it so harshly every single day. But now that I have seen other’s, I thought that if seen in such ways, every bits of her body which I would normally diss, were just perfect. They were placed on the right spot, with the right size and I could finally understand why people of the medieval era drew so many pictures of nude people (they’re beautiful!).

Everyone has different mindset about what’s beautiful and what not. Therefore, there is no reason for me to be insecure about my body or to judge it in such ways. Human body is beautiful. Every curve and edge of it is made specifically for each of us with no exact resemblance to one another whatsoever.

635920329506553522-1750861563_motivation201Hence, from this experience, I was reminded to open my mind. To be more appreciative of arts and beauty, to not judge others no matter how different they are to my perception of beauty.


Beauty is universal! That’s why it is beautiful.



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