Take Me Back to 1988


Recently I’ve been busy with overflowing assignments and I’ve wanted to write about this drama for quite a while.

So, I just finished watching this korean drama entitled ‘Reply 1988’. I was skeptical at first because I did not know all the actors and it seemed boring as the setting was on the past. However, I forgot how I decided to just watch it anyway but I did. Probably because I was looking for some sort of entertainment in midst of my business, and I was bored with all the other series I watched (they’re almost the same, tbh).

And OMG.

This drama is definitely on my A-List.

This drama is sooooo realistic. I could relate to so many events happening on the story and it was refreshing. Moreover, because the story is on 1988, I got to imagine how my parents live without internet and stuff too. So, basically this drama is about how Deok Seon settled for one of her four guy best friends. But it is not JUST about that. The dynamic of this drama is so good and I enjoyed it a little bit too much. They balanced out the mellow, romance, and drama components perfectly that I replayed some of the episodes more than five times already.

Just so you know, watching this drama literally gave me the motivation to get through the day because I only allowed myself to watch this at night. So, my head was filled with this drama for about 2 weeks and I just could not help but to smile every time I remembered some scenes from this drama (THAT is how invested I have become to Reply 1988).


The story is quite unexpected. Some people were not satisfied with the choice Deok Seon made, but I am. I love the guy she chose and now, I am officially one of his fans. HAHAH. There are 20 episodes with each of them having about 100 minutes duration (so satisfying) :p

Oh, you might know that there are also reply 1997 and reply 1994. You don’t need to watch them before watching this. They are not related. 😀

Just give it a try. There are many characters in this drama but they are all connected somehow. Trust me. This drama is so good although you might find it a little bit boring at first. It’s been a while since I found such a refreshing drama and I want to share it with you guys.




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