In midst of our overflowing assignments, my friends and I decided to go stargazing last friday (well, technically saturday).

We went from city at 00.30am to Pink Cliff in Heathcote to watch the stars. I was all  “okay!”, because I was quite stressed with the city and uni. I had no expectation whatsoever to what I was about to see. All I knew was that I wanted to take some really nice photographs of the sky and that’s it.

However, when we got there, the view was unbelieveable.

Literally, unbelievable.

The stars were shining so bright, unlike anything I’ve seen before. They were blinking and moving so clearly that it felt unreal. Moreover, I SAW SHOOTING STARS!!! I made some wishes for myself and the whole thing was just magical. Even the camera was not good enough to capture the experience. Trully surreal.

I got some really nice pics nonetheless, and this is one of them 🙂



I cannot describe the feeling, but it was like I was able to see how small human really is. Anything I was worried about felt so small and insignificant as I watched all those stars scattered above me. All my complaints became impalpable and I felt ashamed of myself being that shallow the whole time.

From this trip, I realised that I need to start seeing things differently. To take time to be grateful of the things I’ve been given when things get tough and to live this life to the fullest, because life is too short to be spent thinking of ‘what if’s.

Yay! That’s it!

Have a great week guys!


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