So, today I went on a road trip (again) to the Great Ocean Road area.

However, this trip was very different from my past ones because I initiated it and hence, I was the one who drove the car.

Well, if you knew me at all, you’d understand how big this issue is for me. Because, although I have had my license since I was in high school, my parents had never really trust me to drive anything. In addition, after I moved to Melbourne, it became extremely rare for me to ride any car except during road trips or when my friend drop me off when it’s too late for me to walk or catch a tram. Therefore, I’m used to being questioned about my capability to drive and I really don’t blame anyone for that (due to my past records).

So, I translated my Indonesian license, rented a car and hit on the road to Teddy’s Lookout.

Let me tell you, I was very anxious about this trip because there’s no adults supervising me driving out of the town, my two friends did not have their license translated, and so many things could go wrong during the ride.

But there was not.

It’s like everything had been arranged so well so that we could enjoy this day. The weather, the food, the ride itself, and even all the events we thought as ‘accidents’ made me feel like someone had already prepared and directed our decisions throughout the trip.


I really cannot explain how overwhelmed I am to realize how blessed I am as a person because of this trip. Today was just too surreal for me, and I’m really glad to still be able to live.



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