A Girl with The Same Name


This post will be my review of Another Oh Hae Young (or Another Miss Oh).

Actually, I’ve watched this two months ago but I didn’t have much time to write lately. However, since I’m procrastinating right now, I’m gonna write this down.

To keep things short, I LOVE THIS DRAMA!


Some of my friends think this drama is too lovey-dovey and the actors are not that handsome. However, I don’t know why but these stuff did not really bother me when I was watching this drama. Probably because I was too busy wondering what would happen to this couple on the next episode that I ignored all the other factors I usually take into account (so much) when watching K-dramas.

The story is basically about a girl whose wedding got cancelled because there’s a guy who mistook her name with his ex-girlfriend’s. However, this guy, whose name is Park Do Kyung, somehow kept on having visions about Oh Hae Young (the lead girl). So, he did not say anything to her about that and the reason why he ruined her wedding, even after she moved in to his house.


And surprise-surprise, love grew…

(BTW, this plot definitely confirms My (as in mine) Love Theory where basically I asserted that two people can only fall in love if they lived together or close to each other. This has been proven to be true in almost every movie I watched which also confirms my thought about how LDR is just a myth).

The roller coaster ride of this series is very enjoyable somehow, that I even decided to download the whole series and save it in my PC just in case I wanted to re-watch it. (I only do this to a number of K-drama titles. I’m picky like that. And this series got in to the list!)

To summarize, I recommend this drama to all of you who feel like watching something moderate (as in not too light nor heavy), but also entertaining and sweet.

Cheers! 🙂


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