The Umbrella

Hello, guys!

If there’s one thing I learned from living in Melbourne for almost 2,5 years now, it is that weather forecast can (sometimes) be so unreliable.

You can literally have a sunny morning, rainy afternoon and windy evening all in one day. Sometimes it’s amusing to see how things could change that fast but most of the time it is quite annoying for me.

Ever since I was in school, my worst days would be those when I had to wait outside the gate waiting for my driver to pick me up on rainy days. My friends’ parents would show up one by one with their umbrellas saving their children from the pouring rain, while I had to wait there drenched in water and full of doubt of whether somebody would actually pick me up or not.


Therefore, after learning about the unusual weather pattern in Melbourne and knowing how much I hate being trapped in rain, I decided to just buy myself a really big umbrella which will not flip upside down during hails and the one that’s wide enough to shelter me and my backpack (and maybe one other person). I know that having this umbrella might be tedious sometimes especially when the day turns out to be completely sunny and I end up bringing this big umbrella for nothing. However, I just love how it shelters me every time it actually rains.

Anyways, just now as I went back from my friend’s house, it started raining.

It was bad because today started off really nicely and people did not expect the rain at night. Then, when I crossed the bridge on my way to the city, I walked past through an elderly couple holding hands, making their ways to the train station without any umbrella on their hands. They walked so slowly because of their legs and I could not help but feel sorry for them being wet. So, I turned around, offer them my big umbrella and tried my best to cover them until we reached the station. They were so pleased and I felt so happy that my big umbrella actually helped others.

Then I thought to myself, I think the reason why I had this huge umbrella in the first place is not just for my advantage, but because God wants me to share it with others.

And it struck me that maybe the talents and abilities that I have are the ‘umbrellas’ that are meant to be shared with others too so that they could see how God works in their life through others too.

I realized that this mindset should be the fuel and reason for me to work hard and develop the talents God has given me to the fullest.

Regardless, I was just amazed with how simple things in life could actually means something this much for me.



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