Oh my. It’s 2017!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

This is my first post this year and I would like to use it to revisit my 2016 resolutions and share with you guys my new ones.

7b6e49d4619dbe547ee6feb85ea224e3As for my 2016 resolutions, I think I did not do that well on the first goal I made for myself, which is to take care of my body. I tried so hard to control my appetite and do as much exercise as I could possibly fit in to my schedule throughout the year. However, maybe I did not quite succeed because at the back of my mind I always think that as long as I can still wear my old clothes, then it means I’m still on track. WHICH IS NOT TRUE AHAHHA.

Anyway, for the other two resolutions, I think I did alright. I joined several organizations last year where I met new people and ergo, managed to socialize more than I did on 2015. WOOHOO! I also did my best to not really think about what others perceive about me although this particular resolution is harder for me to evaluate.

2016 had been a really challenging year for me.

I was so pumped in the first half of the year that I felt like I could overcome everything thrown at my face. But then it all went down as the summer in Melbourne comes along. I know that this may sound weird for some of you, but my mind started to think about all the plans I could make for the vacation and how I deserved some rewards for all the hard work I did from the beginning of the year. Hence, I even flunked my exam and I turned into a complaining machine that could not be satisfied with whatever she had.

No good, people. No good.

Therefore, my 3 new year’s resolutions for 2017 are the following:

  1. To try my best not to complain too much
    • Complaining about things is so easy for me. Like seriously, if I had nothing else to talk about, I could go on and on about how fat I am, how busy I am, how sleepy I am and even how I hate myself for not having motivation to do anything. HAHAHA. Horrible.
    • When I look back to what I said to people around me most of the time, I would find my memory directing me to see how restless and ungrateful I was. Thus, it is imperative for me to change this crazy bish into a more grateful and pleasant person who knows how to see the good in everything.
    • I will keep on track with this resolution by counting how many times I complain at the end of every day and think of 3 things I am grateful for afterwards, to balance out my bad energy.


  1. To EXCEL
    • The next one is to feed off my ambitious self. As I told you guys before, I just had a major crisis on my academic life. Hence, I would rectify the situation as soon as possible by turning on my ‘No Joke’ switch throughout the year.
    • I vow to do my best academically and to achieve as high as I could this year, no matter how hard or challenging it may get for me to manage my time to study and to do my extracurricular activities (organization, ministry, health, social life, etc etc)


  1. To be a better listener
    • I think I have shared somewhere in this blog that I am quite a talker. I talk and talk and I listen less. Usually it is because most of the time, my mind won’t just shut up even when I am with other person. My mind would wander and eventually I would end up thinking about MY problems and not whatever it is my company was telling me. So bad.
    • So, for my last resolution this year, I would definitely and consciously try my best to be in the moment whenever I’m listening to someone else’s problems or stories. Moreover, because I talk much, I know how annoying it is to not be listened to when I’m ranting. HAHAH.


That’s it! I hope this year would be better for me and for you. 🙂



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