In Love With The Housemate


In this post, I’m going to write a review about the kdrama I just finished, ‘Because This Is My First Life‘.

First off, I’m gonna say that I LOVE this series. It’s so light and fluffy but relatable and plausible at the same time. What I love most about this series is the fact that the writer did not add any unnecessary dramas to the story although I believe they could’ve done that if they wanted. HAHAHA.

OH! And the character development throughout the 16 episodes is just wonderful and palpable.


So basically, the story is about a girl who has grown tired of living with her family as she’s always been undermined and mistreated as she grew, and a guy who had a painful past which made him decide to invest all of his money to buy a house he can’t afford, making him a ‘house poor’. These two people managed to arrange a deal where the girl finally got a home and the guy earned his rent fee to finish his loan for the house. However, because it doesn’t seem right for a guy and a girl to simply live together without having certain relationship, they decided to get married under a contract.

Oh and as usual, the romance starts to bud and flourish. I really enjoyed how they managed to preserve the strict and expressionless character of Se Hee (the guy) from the beginning to the end which adds a sprinkle of humour to the otherwise quite frustrating character. Even the side characters who are Ji Ho’s (the girl) best friends were all so well written and thoroughly thought of.

However, I think what makes this series really good is how they frame the conflict in a way that we could understand the struggle of each character in defining their relationships. I mean, there’s one with the parents, one with the 7-year boyfriend, the crush and one with the husband.

Oh my. I just can’t elaborate further than this piece as you guys really need to start watching this series to understand! HAHAH.

Cheers! 🙂


Goblin! It’s Goblin!

Let me just say this in the beginning.


Today happens to be the day when they released the last two episodes and I watched them all un-subbed, 30 minutes after their release in Korea (that’s how obsessed I am). If you haven’t watched them, I’m telling you that it’s GREAT!

I don’t know how to express this feeling I’m experiencing right now.


I mean, I know this drama has received so much hype since their very first episode. But since the Descendants of The Sun, I have become more and more skeptical of this writer whom everybody claims as the best kdama writer ever. Because I found (roughly) 3/5 of her dramas to be really weird (as in a bad way) regardless of their exceptional casts.

But then, there’s Goblin.

I love them all.

I love the casts, I love the way they took the shoots (all oh-so-instagram-able), and of course, I love the intricate plot (like seriously, so complicated that I even had to make my own theories throughout the series). There are some episodes where they take you on an emotional roller coaster ride, that even my brother shook his head.

Up to the 13th episode, I was all doubtful of whether or not they can pull off a great ending to this extreme story line. And I was so thankful that they managed to put a bow in the show. Love. Love it.

So, this series is about a cursed goblin who needs to find his bride in order to end his eternal life. He’s lived for 900 years and finally, he found the bride and that’s where the story begins. And there’s also the second couple story line, which is very tragic. What’s more to this is how all of them are related so closely to each other from both their current and past lives.  OH! And don’t forget the uber cute bromance of the male leads! Omg. Yasssss.

Although the overarching theme of this series is quite depressing and sad (seriously, tears everywhere until the last episode), I would still strongly recommend you all to watch this! However, you should be prepared for the surprises and shock while watching them.

Just watch it! 🙂

A Girl with The Same Name


This post will be my review of Another Oh Hae Young (or Another Miss Oh).

Actually, I’ve watched this two months ago but I didn’t have much time to write lately. However, since I’m procrastinating right now, I’m gonna write this down.

To keep things short, I LOVE THIS DRAMA!


Some of my friends think this drama is too lovey-dovey and the actors are not that handsome. However, I don’t know why but these stuff did not really bother me when I was watching this drama. Probably because I was too busy wondering what would happen to this couple on the next episode that I ignored all the other factors I usually take into account (so much) when watching K-dramas.

The story is basically about a girl whose wedding got cancelled because there’s a guy who mistook her name with his ex-girlfriend’s. However, this guy, whose name is Park Do Kyung, somehow kept on having visions about Oh Hae Young (the lead girl). So, he did not say anything to her about that and the reason why he ruined her wedding, even after she moved in to his house.


And surprise-surprise, love grew…

(BTW, this plot definitely confirms My (as in mine) Love Theory where basically I asserted that two people can only fall in love if they lived together or close to each other. This has been proven to be true in almost every movie I watched which also confirms my thought about how LDR is just a myth).

The roller coaster ride of this series is very enjoyable somehow, that I even decided to download the whole series and save it in my PC just in case I wanted to re-watch it. (I only do this to a number of K-drama titles. I’m picky like that. And this series got in to the list!)

To summarize, I recommend this drama to all of you who feel like watching something moderate (as in not too light nor heavy), but also entertaining and sweet.

Cheers! 🙂

Take Me Back to 1988


Recently I’ve been busy with overflowing assignments and I’ve wanted to write about this drama for quite a while.

So, I just finished watching this korean drama entitled ‘Reply 1988’. I was skeptical at first because I did not know all the actors and it seemed boring as the setting was on the past. However, I forgot how I decided to just watch it anyway but I did. Probably because I was looking for some sort of entertainment in midst of my business, and I was bored with all the other series I watched (they’re almost the same, tbh).

And OMG.

This drama is definitely on my A-List.

This drama is sooooo realistic. I could relate to so many events happening on the story and it was refreshing. Moreover, because the story is on 1988, I got to imagine how my parents live without internet and stuff too. So, basically this drama is about how Deok Seon settled for one of her four guy best friends. But it is not JUST about that. The dynamic of this drama is so good and I enjoyed it a little bit too much. They balanced out the mellow, romance, and drama components perfectly that I replayed some of the episodes more than five times already.

Just so you know, watching this drama literally gave me the motivation to get through the day because I only allowed myself to watch this at night. So, my head was filled with this drama for about 2 weeks and I just could not help but to smile every time I remembered some scenes from this drama (THAT is how invested I have become to Reply 1988).


The story is quite unexpected. Some people were not satisfied with the choice Deok Seon made, but I am. I love the guy she chose and now, I am officially one of his fans. HAHAH. There are 20 episodes with each of them having about 100 minutes duration (so satisfying) :p

Oh, you might know that there are also reply 1997 and reply 1994. You don’t need to watch them before watching this. They are not related. 😀

Just give it a try. There are many characters in this drama but they are all connected somehow. Trust me. This drama is so good although you might find it a little bit boring at first. It’s been a while since I found such a refreshing drama and I want to share it with you guys.



Happy Endings & Handsome Actors

Looking for a good list of drama recommendation to watch is hard.

I know this because I spend most of my free time watching tv series. Hence, whenever I finish a title, I’d look for another one to watch by browsing in the net or by asking people around me. However, I only accept the suggestion of people whose taste is similar with mine.

Hence, now that I have nothing to do, I’d contribute to the society by sharing my A-List drama titles. Some of them may be old, but some are new. So, just pick the ones that suit your taste. I can assure you though, that these dramas all have satisfying endings and story lines. HAHA. Enjoy!

  • Playful Kiss

    • I can proudly say that this drama is probably the dreamiest drama I’ve ever watched. They successfully made the drama to be sweet and simple with no exaggerated story line of any kind. The story is basically about a girl’s determination to win his long-life crush’s heart no matter what. I JUST LOVE IT! They even have the special edition version we can watch after finishing the 16-episode-series.folderzdz
  • Innocent Man

    • This drama is quite intense. If you decided to watch this, please make sure that you listen and understand everything the casts say and you will definitely be mind blown by how the actors managed to deliver such a complex story that beautifully.250px-main_poster_for_the_innocent_man
  • Oh My Ghost

    • OMV is a chill drama. It is a romantic, funny but thrilling drama with a hint of horror in it. But not that much. HAHA. The plot flows beautifully without any insensible attempt made to destroy the series.Plus, I love the casts too.oh_my_ghost-p1
  • She Was Pretty

    • This drama is so good as well. The story is not so complicated, but I found myself falling for both of the main male casts that I just could not decide who to root for in this drama. However, the ending is finely planned although I think the last 2 episodes are not essential.4769_shewaspretty_nowplay_small_v2
  • The Master’s Sun

    • HANDS DOWN THIS IS MY FAVORITE DRAMA. First, SOJISUB is there. SECOND, the story is super exciting and there is no one single boring episode in this drama. It is well paced and well written. It maybe quite scary at first, but believe me the thrill is worth feeling. I have re-watched this series for about 6 times now, believe it or not.sun_of_the_lord-poster
  • Full House

    • Oh the classic drama. HAHA. The cast is Song Hye Gyo and Rain. How could one not watch this? This drama is old, I know, but I think this was the first kdrama I have ever watched. Sweet and simple, with provoking story lines here and there, but finished with happy ending. ❤full-house-korean-dramas-32444314-1280-720
  • Goong

    • Some of us may call this drama Princess Hours. I watched this when I was in elementary school and this drama has changed the way I see ‘cool’ guys. I love the girl’s character in this drama and how she actually managed to survive the palace without changing her personality. I fell in love with this drama repeatedly and I just don’t understand why there are people who have not watched this series.goongcast
  • My Sassy Girl, Chun Hyang

    • Another old drama that I love. The story was unusual in a way that they made the main characters marry each other when they were in high school. HAHA. But that’s where the story begins. They covered the mellow, comedy, and romantic sides in the drama so carefully that you’d not be able to resist the temptation to rewatch the series when you’re done. sassy_girl_chun-hyang2
  • A Gentlemen’s Dignity

    • It is basically a story about four men who have been best friends for quite a long time and how they managed their love lives differently. Although the casts are not that handsome or young, but the plot of this drama was so exciting and you just have to watch this.a-gentleman-dignity2
  • Splash Splash Love

    • The last two titles in this list are short dramas that you can watch when you don’t feel like being committed to long series. This one was just recently being released, it is about time travel and it is only 2 episodes! Because it is short, the story is concise and full of sweetness with less unnecessary complications. HAHA.pongdang30
  • 20s

    • Hmm, I watched this drama 2 years ago and although I cannot remember the details already, I know for sure that the drama is about the love of a celebrity and a usual girl next door. It consists of 3 short episodes full of romance and cuteness of young love. ❤ photo389538

Well, I guess these are my all-time favorite drama titles. I hope this post could help you decide which titles to watch if you want to make sure of the happy ending and good plot lines. 🙂

PS: The list is not arranged in the order of my preference (too tricky).

See you soon!

Things I Learned From My Addiction

Yellow guys,
I think I have talked abofangirl_mode_tumblr3ut my obsession to moving pictures on one of my previous posts. HAHA. Soo, last night I just watched one of the latest Korean dramas entitled “Oh My Venus”.

I LOVE SO JI SUB. There I said it.

However, it is still impossible for me to decide whether I will include this series in my A-List or not because it is still on going at the moment and I just watched the eighth episode yesterday.

Anyway, I just want to tell you that it is amazing how watching TV series (especially Asian dramas) could drastically change my mood. Maybe because the stories are mostly based on Asian culture, hence I can relate and enjoy them a lot more than that of western series (although I also love watching them).

Whenever I watch these dramas, some people around me would say things about me being brainwashed to have unrealistic expectations about people and life or something like that.



..I always tell them to back off.

I mean, seriously, life is complicated. Why would you waste your free time watching an even more difficult life of others? For me, I’d rather spend my time looking at handsome guy with perfect manner pursuing poor girl whose mother is dying (such a notorious stereotype I know) because at least I know for sure that the writer had planned a happy ending for them.

Therefore, I think it is time that I explain why I think Dramas are cool. Below is the list of some of the life lessons I get from watching them so far. And believe me, I have watched SO MANY dramas.

  1. Good things always come to good people
    • Cliche. But it’s true! Most dramas emphasize this point throughout the stories. The poor girl was bullied at first, but at the end, she became rich and handsome guys liked her because of her perseverance and personality. So, be good. Don’t change just to get acceptance from others. 
  2. Never settle for a guy that does not make you happy
    • I knoow, guys in dramas are too perfect to be true. But this only taught me to be more selective and careful in choosing my partner. I learned to decide what traits are the most important for me to find in a guy (e.g. hardworking, smart, assertive, etc), which are not ‘compulsory’ but would be preferable (e.g. tall, fluent in 5 languages, plays guitar, etc), and which are not.
  3. Revenge ruins your life
    • LOL. In every story, there must be at least one bad guy who always tries to destroy the main character. But you know what, I learned that there is no need to fight for your revenge. Just do good and live good, and just have faith that they will reap what they sow.
  4. Hatred can turn to love
    • This one I learned from several titles whose characters hated each other at first and finally made up and grew to love one another as the story went on. This tells me that forgiveness is a real thing and hatred will only eat you up. So, don’t do stupid things out of anger.
  5. There are hundreds of ways to express your love
    • For this point, I just want to tell you that from these dramas I learned simple gestures, words and actions that shout out LOVE if done sincerely. Maybe just by putting your girlfriend’s hand on your pocket when it is cold, by hugging her, or even by tying her shoelaces, etc. HAHA. SOO MUSHY. But it’s true!

See? Not all of them are ‘unrealistic’. It is just a matter of perspective. You can watch dramas and still be realistic at the same time as long as you keep your thoughts in line. Do not judge others just because they can dream bigger than you. 😛

Well, I think that’s all for this post.

Cheers! 🙂